Need help improving your writing skills?  

We're born to speak.  We learn to speak naturally and early in life.  Writing, on the other hand, is an art.  We all struggle to learn how to write, and we can always improve our writing; no one does it "perfectly."  Even the world's best writers got their technique the old-fashioned way: they learned it, and they continue learning it throughout their careers.  And so can you!

If you're committed to improving writing skills and need guidance and support, one-to-one writing coaching is the most efficient way to build strength where you need it in the shortest possible time. I'll serve as your writing coach and instructor, working with you in person in New York City.  

Writing & Editing Support

Enhance your skills in:

  • Planning and organizing documents
  • Defining main ideas and supporting points
  • Developing persuasive and promotional messages
  • Highlighting professional “success stories”
  • Expressing “bad news” gently and diplomatically
  • Refining style and tone
  • Finding the best words to express your ideas
  • Improving techniques for self-correction and proofreading

Need help improving one important document?

Are you worried about an upcoming writing task?  That's natural!  We should worry about writing well!  It's not easy to craft a message that engages, enlightens, excites, persuades, motivates, soothes, or contributes to a professional relationship. 

BEST WORD COACH offers professional writing instruction, coaching, and collaborative editing to help you create texts that get the results you're looking for....

If you think of communication support and development as a COST, think again!  How do you achieve great academic or professional results?  How do you build and improve your business relationships -- your direct and indirect revenue sources? 

With words!  The words you use to contact, offer, propose, explain, explore, encourage, prompt, demand, order, negotiate, congratulate, thank....  Spoken and heard, written and read -- WORDS are the real currency of academic and professional success. 

So if career success springs from verbal success, improving your academic and professional communication is NOT an option or luxury; it's fundamental to your future!

Writing Support: a High-Return Investment

The Best Words Get the Best Results

Well-chosen, well-placed, well-timed words can make the difference between business and no business.  So if you need help with important word-work, help is here!

BEST WORD COACH helps people like you improve their essays, business documents, and speech/presentation scripts.  I don't just work with words -- I work with you on your words.

You’ll get a writing coach, teacher, adviser, and collaborative copywriter/speechwriter who works face-to-face with you to ensure your text is well conceived, well organized, and well expressed to achieve your intended effect on your audience.  You’ll get relief from your anxiety, expression of your key concepts, and confidence in your written presentation.

Develop and polish your:

  • Personal statement or bio
  • Essay, report or proposal
  • Website or brochure
  • Press release or announcement
  • Presentation script
  • Resume or cover letter
  • Crucial letter or email message
  • Screenplay or story, or other creative writing