Speech & Presentation Support

Would you like to improve your performance in business presentations, meetings, and conversations?  Are you nervous about an upcoming public speaking challenge?  Do you speak English as a second language?

Planning for important conversations, rehearsing formal and informal speeches, and even preparing for casual encounters can build your confidence and boost your speaking effectiveness.  With spontaneous role-playing and impromptu speeches, as well as rehearsing and revising notes & scripts, I'll help you master techniques for refining your professional speaking skills.  

Customized speech coaching & presentation preparation with BEST WORD COACH will enhance your profile with employers, colleagues, customers & associates. Grammar review and idiom/vocabulary development can be included to strengthen your English language arsenal.

Build CONFIDENCE to meet communication challenges:

  • Persuasive requests: promotions at work, salary increases
  • Convincing sales pitches
  • Attention-getting presentations & talks
  • Impressive job interviews or auditions
  • Effective small talk

Pronunciation & Accent Refinement 

English pronunciation improvement topics include:

  • Phonetics: vowel & consonant sounds
  • Syllable stress (stressing the right part of a word -- especially important in English!)
  • Vowel reduction (reducing unstressed vowels)
  • Sentence rhythm (stressing particular words in phrases & sentences)
  • Linking between words & syllables
  • Pausing in the right places
  • Intonation (pitch patterns)
  • Practice speeches (including your own presentations & planned conversations)

Customized individual instruction is the most efficient way to refine your English pronunciation.  With BEST WORD COACH, you'll get immediate feedback on your accent, plus tips on adjusting your speech to sound more "typical" for your target audiences.

And you won't be embarrassed -- you'll have my dedicated attention and supportive guidance ... and you may be surprised that it can be fun to explore the sounds and rhythms of English!  I've been working with professionals and students who speak English as a second language for over 25 years, and I'm continually surprised how enjoyable pronunciation work can be!

You can use our sessions to rehearse your own presentations and prepare for important conversations to build confidence and make adjustments in advance.  I'll share audio files as models for you to practice repeating after me, and you can record our sessions to review later for reinforcement.