Writing & Speech Coaching for International Professionals

Are you getting the best results from your academic or professional writing and speaking? Or are you STRUGGLING to express your ideas clearly, concisely, and convincingly? 

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I'm Lloyd Bishop, an English language teacher, coach & consultant, and I'd like a word with you. Well-chosen, well-aimed words are the currency of academic and professional excellence.  Communicating effectively is not an option or secondary consideration -- it's the essence of your success.  If you bore, confuse, or fail to persuade your target readers and listeners, you'll struggle in your academic and professional pursuits.

The Best Words for Your Best Ideas!

Do you need to improve your professional or interpersonal communication skills?  Are you developing a document or script that has to be "perfect"?  Looking for a writing coach? 

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BEST WORD COACH offers customized coaching & instruction on writing & speaking effectively in English, as well as collaborative editing & consulting on particular English language/communication challenges. Face-to-face sessions are available in New York City.

BEST WORD COACH can help you achieve your academic, professional, and personal goals through better communication. Let's work together to find "The Best Words for Your Best Ideas!"

Are you struggling to speak English smoothly and correctly?  Are you trying to improve your pronunciation or presentation skills?  Looking for a speech coach? 

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